Time of changes

By | 2007-10-16

Post #200, and time of changes.

– I’m unemployed now. Eventually I finish my last day in my company. It was somehow a sad day, with lots of “goodbye”, “good luck”, and such… but all my coworkers collect some money and gave me a 200eur voucher for buying a camera! I’ve learned a lot during these 2.6 years, but I felt it was time to advance… looking for another company (bigger, more software oriented) to continue learning. But first, I’m taking some months free to prepare and develop a web project I have had in my mind for some time.

– My English teacher went back to Wales. Due to some financial problems, he decided (in a quick way) to finish his stay in Barcelona, and go back home… and also to try to convince a publisher about the quality of his book. I hope to see his book published soon. During the last 2 years we have been meeting every week, to practice my English, to improve it, to speak about the world, the people, our life… becoming friends. I miss those Tuesday afternoons. See you soon, Vaughan.

– VIII Spanish Go Open in Alicante finished. Since February (when this tournament was announced), I’ve been looking forward to playing in this tournament (as I previously wrote in the last post). The event was a success, even we had a big problem with a mistake in the final results (the 3 first positions were exchanged). But I think all the players enjoyed the tournament and the sightseeing.