VIII Spanish Open in Alicante

By | 2007-10-09

Finally, this year’s Spanish Open is coming. Next weekend, more than 60 people from the whole Europe will play Go in the University of Alicante. I’m really excited… eager for hitting the first stone on the board.

This event is special for me. It’s the first tournament held in my homeland, and in the University where I studied. I remember the situation some years ago, when I was the only player of the province. But in the last 2 years a lot of people have started to play, and have eventually decided to organize a tournament. Of course, managing the problems of this kind of event is not an easy thing… it’s a headache creator! But the effort is worth it.

The top players are: Lluis 6 dan, our Korean teacher now living in Barcelona; Benjamin 5 dan, a young French champion; Boris 5 dan, a Russian who has been European champion; and all our Spanish dans. It’s not easy to guess the final results!

3 days to start… and I’m already sharpening my weapons!

2 thoughts on “VIII Spanish Open in Alicante

  1. Laura y Gabriel

    y además, Julio, es un excelente anfirión; casi tanto como sus padres.

    Grcias y un gran saludo navideño a los “liopic” con deseos de un gran 2008.

    Laura y Gabriel

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