If you put my name in an email’s CC, I’ll sue you!

By | 2007-02-23

Sometimes one of your friends get connected to Internet. Suddenly, he/she discovers those stupid emails (almost spam) with a funny text, and decide to send them to everybody… and your email address starts to appear in the CC of all those stupids emails… until you directly tell your friend off. But now, it could be illegal, in Spain.

Reading one of the Spanish newspapers, I’ve found this news: “Fined with 600 euro because she allowed to see 42 email addresses” (in Spanish). The article explains the story of Ms. A.G.S., who sent a promotional email to 42 persons, writing all those email addresses in the CC field (instead the usual BCC). One of the receivers felt it was a violation of the Spanish Data Protection Law, and decided to sue her. The law showed that the email address is personal data, and it can’t be published without the permition of the person, therefore she has to pay 601 euro to him. Just curious, but I agree.

P.S: I hope the American lawyers don’t read this… it could be a fountain of crazy ideas for them 😉