Barcelona’s Tournament aftermatch

By | 2007-02-18

The big tesuji This weekend I’ve been playing Go for full-time, in the Barcelona’s Go Tournament. The venue was really close to home, only 3 minutes walking, and maybe this is the reason that I had a good tournament. Finally my score was 4 wins from 5 rounds, but the best thing is that I think I’ve played quite well (in most of the games), with some easy wins.

I met up with a lot of friends, who came from different cities. I literally lost my voice due to a sore throat and lots of chats with the people. Nice moments to remember, with lot of fun, and crazy “rengos” in the chinesse restaurant 😉

And one marvelous thing to the future… some rumours say the next Spanish Go Open will be in Alicante, in Autumn. Which means I’ll kill two birds at once: visiting my family and playing a tournament in my homeland. I’m looking forward to this.

Some pictures by me and a lot by Jordi.