Monthly Archives: June 2006

Tactics & Strategy in life

“Tactics is doing the things right. Strategy is doing the right thing” Next weekend I’m going to participate in the “Gofme Handicap Go Tournament“. It’s probably the funniest Go tournament in Spain (but also “Go in the Street”, held in Barcelona in August, it’s another winner). Because it’s a handicap tournament, the chances of winning… Read More »

Teaching Go, everywhere

Some days ago I found at Flickr a funny photo made by one of my work-mates. As you can guess, I help my colleagues a lot with programming issues… but also I teach them “other stuff” 🙂 When I started to work in this company, one an a half years ago, someone asked me about… Read More »

The music is here again!

Finally it’s at home!! Last January I brought my keyboard to the technical service, due to a small problem with the data-wheel. I can also program it with the numeric keyboard it has, but it’s quicker to use the data-wheel as the input device. They said it’d be repaired in 2 or 3 weeks. One… Read More »