Teaching Go, everywhere

By | 2006-06-05

Some days ago I found at Flickr a funny photo made by one of my work-mates. As you can guess, I help my colleagues a lot with programming issues… but also I teach them “other stuff” 🙂

Go-ing When I started to work in this company, one an a half years ago, someone asked me about my hobbies and I commented something about Go, my favourite game. Some days later I brought a magnetic board, and we started to play after showing them the rules. Every worker of the office started to learn!! Some of them really loved the game. This picture shows one of those moments, queueing to play. And it was incredible that the bosses didn’t complain about it (but they looked at me with weird eyes). Maybe I was too proselyte (in the sense of converting people into Go players), hehe. Some weeks later I bought 3 boards for the office, and we moved it from the office-room to our kitchen (to hide the playing from the clients & visitors).

Today only 2 colleagues remain playing, but it’s fine. I feel proud of them 🙂

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  1. Rubén

    to our chicken? A nuestro pollo? Mmmm?

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