Tactics & Strategy in life

By | 2006-06-08

“Tactics is doing the things right.
Strategy is doing the right thing”

Next weekend I’m going to participate in the “Gofme Handicap Go Tournament“. It’s probably the funniest Go tournament in Spain (but also “Go in the Street”, held in Barcelona in August, it’s another winner). Because it’s a handicap tournament, the chances of winning all games are a reality. In fact last year I finished in third position (they gave me 50eur to burn on books), with only one defeat. This time I’m going, again, with the idea of winning the tournament. “Scare my opponents and not be scared by them” is my main strategy. But maybe it’s not a polite (or honorable) idea…

Sometime ago one of the stronger players here in Barcelona told us some words about the honorable way to play. “You should not play to win the game, but only to play as good as you can… it’s like life, where you don’t play to win… you only play life in the best manner you can/feel”, he taught us. Interesting idea. To play putting your best into every move. It’s not too easy in a Go game, and it’s really difficult in real life. Is life like a game? It’s really difficult to move in some complicated situations (like trying to love a girl, or trying to get a job), but I think it’s a good idea. To play as good as you can. And, with every new move, use the previous moves in the most profitable way.

And ENJOY! Because it’s only… only… (like) a game.