Weather over my friends

By | 2007-03-04

Weather forecastI don’t know why, but I subscribed to the weather forecast of some European cities where some friends live. It seems like looking at these, I magically connect with their moods.

Today is a great sunny day in Barcelona, but it’s an even sunnier day in Alicante, so my family is probably enjoying a nice day. And it looks like in all of Europe there is nice weather… except Dublin, where it always rains (doesn’t it, Jordi?).

Next weekend I’m going to participate in the Irish Go Open, in Dublin, as a 5 kyu player (and hoping I’ll become a 4 kyu there)… and, well, I don’t really need sun, but please stop the rain just a little bit.

One thought on “Weather over my friends

  1. JJC

    Yesterday was indeed a miserable day…

    Don’t worry, hopefully you’ll be able to get improved weather: rain, wind and cold. Pick two. 😉

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