Technical books are too big (=uncomfortable)

By | 2007-03-04

Smurf villageSometimes I’d like to have technical books in “smurf-size” format.

In the last months I’ve been reading some interesting books, but the reading experience was handicapped due to their uncomfortable format. Why do technical books have to be so big? It’s quite impossible to carry them and read on bus, or even in bed. It’s totally uncomfortable!

“Professional JavaScript for Web Developers”, “Ajax in Action”, “Designing Interactions” are interesting books, but maybe the authors can leave some information out, and make smaller books. But it seems that if you don’t break you arm while carrying them, they are not good. The only exception (of size) in my tech book list is “In the beginning… was the command line”, which is pocket-size (well, despite this name format, it doesn’t usually fit in my pocket), and it’s not really a tech book, but an essay.

Anyway, in other subjects the size of the books doesn’t matter, trust me! For example, I have some Go books, and most are pocket size (and some of them really are “pocket size”)… but the most interesting thing is that they are over-filled with information. Moreover, due to their useful size, you finally spend more time with them (reading and re-reading), carrying them everywere. The reading experience is really enjoyable!

2 thoughts on “Technical books are too big (=uncomfortable)

  1. Alberto

    Do you mean you usually read technical books while you’re in bed, before falling asleep?

    I read lots math, but it’s the kind of stuff that keeps me awake at night (black tea also helps). And if I feel tired I can’t really concentrate on the topics of the book, so later I’ll have to read it again.

    I prefer reading novels before going to sleep. And when I want to fall asleep very quickly, certain parts of the Bible can be very helpful!

  2. Julio Post author

    Yes, I read all sort of books while being in bed. And also I usually solve sudokus before falling asleep. I don’t know why, but this doesn’t affect my sleeping process… and the day after I remember all what I read.

    Anyway, the topic was “why tech books are so big?”. They have no idea on usability!

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