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By | 2007-03-12

Go in DublinI’ve just come back home after spending a weekend in Dublin. Jordi suggested me to go there to enjoy some games with the Irish, and take place in the Irish Go Open, and eventually I went and had a nice time playing. I was really lucky on the board, getting a full score (5 wins in 5 rounds) in the main tournament. So now I’m a 4 kyu (at least). Moreover the rapid tournament, held on Friday night, was amazing, stressful but really enjoyable… in one round I finished the game with only 2 seconds of remaining time!!

The results!

The pictures!

Also one interesting thing I discovered in Dublin how pleasant the Irish are. Most of them love to speak, even with unknown people, showing interest on you. I’d like to see this kind of behaviour in other places, where if you speak with a stranger, he/she thinks you are asking for money or something.

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  1. signius

    Hey there. I found this blog while searching for posts about this year’s Irish Go Open. Although I live in Ireland, I didn’t manage to get to Dublin this year (again – sigh). Glad you enjoyed your stay here; perhaps I’ll see you next time.

    I thought your comments on how approachable the Irish are interesting. Though many may be more personable or less guarded than some other nationalities, I think that Go players in general are an amicable bunch and that may have helped leave a good impression.

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