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By | 2009-06-17

Sometime ago I decided to arrange my free time during the week (mostly evenings) with my hobbies and things to learn. I set each week day with an activity, like Monday for climbing, Tuesday for composing, etc… It doesn’t really work. The problem is that you have to wait a full week to do the activity again, so you lose the focus. And if you miss the day for some external reason, the problem is worse. Moreover, this method only allow you to have 7 different things to do, and if you change one, you have to remember the change…

So I had an idea: a single subject for each full week. On Sundays, in a relaxed way, I can decide the subject for the new week. And it’s not a problem if one day I can’t do it, because the idea is to try to focus on that subject as many days as you can, during that week. For example, this week subject is “Learn Blender“… so far so good, despite I’ve just spend 2 hours fixing a bug in this website (that is, something not-related to Blender).

For the future, some examples of subjects I have in mind:
– Refresh my C++ programming, maybe take part in a contest, or read some open source code (i.e. Inkscape code).
– Compose 8 songs, based on the I Ching’s 8 trigrams.
– Explore all the menus of Inkscape.
– Do something with my first bought domain,
– Help a friend to create a website for displaying Hex game records.

3 thoughts on “Focus on week basis

  1. Rubén

    Thanks for solving the comment problem 😉
    It sounds an interesting thing to do, and I guess I’ll try starting next week. But, for example, working out doesn’t fit this model… you just can’t work out everyday for a week and then be 3 weeks idle. Who is the Hex friend :)?

  2. Julio Post author

    Ay Cubi, cuanto has de desaprender entodavía…

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