Welcome 2008, warming up again

By | 2008-01-09

Big benI stayed one week in London, during the end of 2007 and the beginning of 2008. I had a really nice time there, took part in a Go tournament with excellent results, and did a lot of sightseeing beneath the cold and dark sky. I took a lot of pictures, as well. It was an interesting city, that surprised my assumptions (so maybe one day I might live there). But the most curious thing is the fact that I really disconnected from my normal life for a week. It seems that I need more than a 4-day trip (my usual trip duration) and/or an intense event (like a tournament) to clean my mind.

Now I’ve come back, and I must start again with my small and big projects. I’ve decided to apply myself to a strict schedule, a timetable for every single day. Because when you are unemployed, the time goes by even faster than when you are an employee. And my big project needs a lot of time, so do the collection of small ones.

At the moment, I have to finish an issue: remove the rhinitis from my nose. 3 days working on it, and it’s still here!