Barcelona doesn’t like non-ancient mathematicians

By | 2007-07-08

Doing some Sunday morning random surf on the net, I found somebody trying to take pictures of streets named after mathematicians in Paris. I started wondering how many streets could I find here in Barcelona with the same subject…

No Gauss, Laplace, Euler or Pointcaré… just Archimedes, Pythagoras and some more greek friends.

Obviously, with this result, I’m not even going to find any computer scientist 🙁

P.S: It would be nice to live on Turing or Dijkstra street.

3 thoughts on “Barcelona doesn’t like non-ancient mathematicians

  1. Rubén

    We’re in Spain, where a mathematician ‘does something with numbers’. ‘How could you write a thesis? Isn’t all already known?’ ‘You’re reading a 3-page article for a work? Mine has 20 and it’s really easy, how couldn’t you go out yesterday?’ ‘But what you really do? Take a number and try to write something down about it?’.

    Questions like these I’ve witnessed when I tell somebody what I’m doing/what I am. So, do you think that a politician would name a street to honour, let’s see… Gauss? Who’s Gauss? Poincaré? Poinwhat? Euler? Don’t think so. Probably we’ll see earlier streets named ‘Isabel Pantoja’ or ‘Fernando Alonso’.

  2. Julio Post author

    Are you telling me that you, math guys, don’t do things with numbers? Well, you are right, you also do things with greek letters 😛
    Sorry, it was just a joke.

    Good point. Spain is different.
    I’m scared with the idea of living in “Pantoja” street!!

    Also nobody knows about Euler, but anyway this is not a reason to get angry. You just have 2 options: teach everybody all the details, or ignore the people. But I guess that both paths arrive to the same result (=nothing).

  3. Rubén

    So by least-action principle, we mathematicians do nothing 😉

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