I want food without containers

By | 2007-07-27

Recycling stickersSome time ago I wondered how can we reduce the amount of home generated waste.

The most important “input” of a house is food, and the biggest “output” is waste. So this means that some part of the input, the food, is responsible for the output. And if you just have a look at your garbage bin(s), you’ll realize that most of what you throw away are “food containers”. It seems that every single piece of food, that enters into the house, comes inside some kind of containers (from just a plastic bag to elaborated boxes). I don’t want to focus in the fact that you can do some recycling, dividing the different containers in bins. What I want to remark is that, nowadays, almost all the food you buy comes surrounded with a piece of implicit garbage… specially if you’re used to buying in supermarkets.

Aren’t the wicker baskets from our grandmothers useful anymore? Isn’t just a cloth bag enough to carry the food? Why do we need all these “almost garbage” containers?

I’m lucky to live in front of a market, a real one. I usually buy there and in a supermarket 2 streets away. I wondered what would happen to my garbage bin if I just bought in the market, using my own bag. Now I’m going to try it out. The supermarket is going to close for vacation during August!