Travel non-stop

By | 2006-06-14

Columbus' monument in Barcelona What happens when you start to live in different cities? You actually realized you can’t stop… you can’t stay in one city although you feel it’s the best city to live in. You start to discover the world, and you feel if you stop too long in one city you are losing time. This is an idea I was thinking today in a cloudy way, but a German girl (a friend of my flat mate) said it in this easy manner. You can’t stop! Your friends from your hometown still remain, but you are discovering the world… it’s like a way to improve your own life. Your old friends buy a car, a house, and you have nothing, but more experience and an more open mind. I prefer the latter.

Sometimes I think of Barcelona. It’s a really pretty city to live in, I enjoy it. But if I’m staying here for a long time, it seems I’m missing the rest of the world. Some months ago I had a thought about living in every interesting European city for 2 years. It was a good idea, to spend my best years discovering the world. Maybe it’s time to change, maybe I must go away… but I’m sure I’ll come back. Barcelona is really special. So it’s difficult to say “bye”. I enjoy living here, with it’s funny people, with the magic fountain near home, with it’s magic mood. But it’s a question of evolution… and the world is waiting for me!

2 thoughts on “Travel non-stop

  1. Rubén

    Muy bonita la foto (Quite a nice picture!), cuál será tu siguiente paso en la investigación de ciudades? (so where are you going now?) Ya te iremos a visitar, no te preocupes 😉 (we’ll visit you) Mi compañero de despacho dice que las checas estan tremendas, por si te da por ir a Praga (mmmm mejor no traduzco XD)

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