A poet who invented the game of Hex

By | 2009-01-13

Naive you are
if you believe
life favours those
who aren’t naive.”
– Piet Hein

It’s curious to see that some very logical people are poets and abstract creators (maths, music, games, etc) at the same time.

Peeking at Piet Hein’s biography, inventor of the game of Hex (also independently invented by John Nash), I discovered his poet side. He created a lot of games, including Hex, Tangloids and Soma cube. But he also wrote thousands of marvelous “grooks” (short aphoristic poems). It’s a pity that his books are out of print… anyway I found a page with a collection of them. Enjoy!

P.S: It reminds me “Proverbios y Cantares” by Antonio Machado (in Spanish) and “Stray Birds” by Tagore.

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