5 years without meeting the Mediterranean

By | 2007-08-18

One day, during my holidays, I decided to go to the beach. It was a weird decision, because I don’t really like the beach. Too many people, too much sticky sand, too much sun. In the old days I preferred enjoying the beach in the late evening, when everybody is leaving. Also, I got used to own a lot of space of the beach… I mean nobody in 10 meters around.

But for some strange reason I was too bored the other day, during my holidays. So I decided to enjoy the Mediterranean. There was a red flag (meaning big waves) at the watcher’s tower, but I still entered into the sea. The annoying waves hit me without mercy. The water was so dirty. And suddenly I realized the passing of time.

Entering into the seaI realized that the last time I enjoyed the sea was 5 years ago. This picture shows me 5 years ago. It was the last time I met the sea (I can’t remember a more recent one). A lot of things have changed since then…