This text will change your life

By | 2007-08-12

Do you know what a chain of coincidences is?

Actually you are alive just by a chain of coincidences: somehow your parents met, fell in love, and you were born. Coincidence over coincidence. You are reading this because of a chain of coincidences, in which you are probably not the main character: for example, maybe you know me because we’ve played Go, but I have to tell you that I discovered Go by a really weird coincidence…

This text will change your life, I can add. It might be the start, the origin, the fist step of a new small chain of coincidences. A chain contained within a bigger chain. Maybe while you are reading this you aren’t spending your time doing another thing, and it means that you have chosen a path among the infinite ways to continue your current life. Or maybe you’ll just use this subject to flirt: “hey girl, wanna start a chain of coincidences with me? I’m already changing your future!”.

The funny thing is that this text has also changed my life. And while I’m writing it, it changes itself.