Games against professional players

By | 2009-08-25

Just to keep track of the games I’ve played against professional players…

· Wang Runan, Chinese 8p
2004-2005 Winter, BCN’s Chinese restaurant, simultaneous (3 people), 9 stones, I was 7 kyu
B+2.5, I did some bad yose moves

· Park Sohyun, Korean 2p
2009-Jul-23, La Pedra Go club, simultaneous (6 people), 5 stones, I was 2 kyu
W+R, I made too many careless moves

· Lee Minjin, Korean 5p
2009-Jul-26, my home at Font Florida, casual game, 5 stones, I was 2 kyu
W+15.5, I made some over-defensive moves
(also I played a 9×9 game, 2009-Jul-26, Casteldefells’ beach, even, B+R)

· Nishimoto Kinya, Japanese 3p
2009-Aug-23, Sepúlveda’s Go seminar, tournament game (winner deciding match), 5 stones, I was 2 kyu
W+R, I abandoned some important stones

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