New DIY Greenhouse

By | 2009-04-19

New DIY Greenhouse
Here you have my new super-greenhouse!

Material needed:
– 130x90cm 5mm glass
– 2.5m wood stick (x2)
– 2x1m polystyrene-glass surface
– 100ml of water resistant paint

Lessons learned:
– Julio, stop thinking about building things!
– Pine tree wood is not convenient for outdoor, despite is the cheapest wood. They say teakwood is perfect (or other wood from wet jungle trees). Anyway, I made it with the first one, and painted it with a special water resistant paint.
– Cutting real glass is not as easy as you see in youtube videos. First I tried to cut glass to make the wall, but the result was quite ugly. So then I bought plastic glass (2x1m for 40€, cheaper than real glass).
– In order to cut polystyrene-glass you need to adjust your electric saw at top speed. At low speed the fiber starts to oscillate and breaks easily. At high speed the cut is sealed after the saw moves on, due to the heat!, but later you can hit the join and split the parts.

By the way, compare it with my last year prehistoric balcony greenhouse.

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  1. yaco

    eres un verdadero “manitas”!!

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