Report #5 from Costa Rica

By | 2008-03-24

Today I took a bus to Monteverde (actually Santa Elena town). The weather is quite different here in the mountains than it was in the jungle+beach in Corcovado (Drake bay). Warm but peaceful. I did canopy this evening, which is moving among the trees using a rope and a pulley. It was interesting, but more an attraction than a really nature observation.

Tomorrow I’ll cross Arenal lake, to go to a lodge near Arenal volcano. I’ll spend my last 2 days in Costa Rica taking pictures of that incredible volcano… I saw it today, far away, and it was really big.

And, “finally”, I’m a bit tired of doing tourism non-stop during 2 weeks. I’m eager to come back to Europe, and enjoy some jet-lag while discovering new tomatoes in my balcony. And organize more than 400 pictures from Costa Rica.

One thought on “Report #5 from Costa Rica

  1. JJC

    When are you coming back? It sounds lovely where you went, I’ll be looking forward to seeing the pictures!

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