Elasticity with SVG and Javascript

By | 2007-05-02

Planes. An interesting place to program computers. I find the idle hours, that you spend in the airport and the plane, the perfect time to research on new ideas.

ShapeDuring my last flight (a trip to Germany) I decided to play with some SVG and Javascript, for simulating “elasticity” (inspired by the plane’s wings). SVG could be the standard for web vectorial graphics, but weirdly Internet Explorer does NOT support it nativelly (Mozilla and Opera do). Moreover SVG, with the help of Javascript for managing the behaviour, is a real Flash opponent.

I had done a previous research about the combination of these technologies, so I only needed to create some shapes, program some physics formulas and add a bit of salt. I created a really simplified version to test, but later I’ll create something more realistic (with acceleration and such things).

Here is the result. (Remember it only works in Firefox)

I hope you’ll like it!

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