Time to summarize this year

By | 2006-12-28

The 3 best things of this year 2006:

(Re)Discovering the bike: The perfect vehicle for the city. The ecological concepts: do you know it consumes only 0.1 litres per 100km (in petrol car consumption equivalence), and its fuel is biodegradable? The feeling of a free spirit riding a bike.

My trip to Zürich: It fueled me with an incredible strong energy, ambition of superation, and a new path of concepts to follow. I wish to be a kyu in a land of dans (instead of the current opposite). So, now my obligation is to be smarter, more intelligent, and to keep my skills on the cutting-edge.

The (re)awakening of the music: Starting again to lay my fingers on the keys. The pleasure of playing alone and with people. And hearing lots of different songs (thanks to last.fm).

Unluckily, this year has had some bad things also… like the 3 worst things:
… but, hold on, we don’t really need to remember these, do we? Naaah 😉

I can just start smelling 2007 coming…
Happy New Year to everybody!!