Philosophical thought of the week

By | 2006-09-08

A morning office conversation:

Tony (a workmate): Is there a PHP function to stop for a moment the execution of a page?
Me: Yes, it is “sleep()”.
Tony: Just what I need, to sleep a little bit. Does it work with microseconds?
Me: No, it works with seconds. For example, if you write sleep(1), it is going to stop for 1 second.
Tony: Ok, thanks, you are a crack.
Me: And, even more, if you write sleep(2), it’ll stop for 2 seconds.
Tony: Why don’t we use it with a negative value? Probably we will speed up our websites!

One thought on “Philosophical thought of the week

  1. jualmar

    El tiempo discurre hacia adelante.
    Si lo ponemos negativo ¿volvemos hacia atras?
    Y si lo ponemos como i (imaginario en matematicas), ¿pasaremos a otra dimension?

    Ya lo decia mi abuelo. ¡¡¡¡¡ Que atrevida es la ignorancia!!!!!!!!!

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