Productive weekend

By | 2006-09-03

This is the last weekend before my birthday (on Tuesday I’ll be 29). I wanted to make the most of these days doing some things…

some DIY in blueFor example, on Saturday I was doing some DIY, painting a small table in blue which I found some days ago. It was not really clean, so I followed my father’s saying “dirt + paint = clean”. The final result is quite nice, because it fills an empty corner of the living-room, as you can observe in the picture. And I’m thinking about putting a plant pot on it… it could be perfect.

Also this weekend I’m starting to use my bike again, after I’ve done some improvements on it. I’ve discovered it is a really fast (and healthy) option for travelling inside the city. In fact, I’m seriously thinking about going by bike to the office. Today I’ve made a trial-run, riding the complete route. The final time was only 25 minutes, with a quite relaxed riding, although it’s uphill. If I compare it with the bus (my usual election, 35min) or the metro (around 20min, but in the morning it is like a tin of sardines), there is not possible discussion. In Barcelona there aren’t a lot of bike paths (here is a PDF map), but luckily most of my route is covered with them, so I must give a chance to the bike!