To fly and drop thoughts

By | 2006-05-31

PlaneTake a plane once a month; this was my idea sometime ago. I’m not sure, but it seems I need a small trip every month.

Inside the plane the time stops (my mobile is my watch and it must be disconected), and my ears get closed. I look down at earth and I imagine a god letting brown paint bubbles fall down. On some places, it seems there are lots of leaves laying on the floor. Smooth shapes. All is small, like it doesn’t really matter. My throat gets dry. It’s like being nowhere for some minutes. I try to sleep, but it’s not always easy. I feel a strange mood. Like to be flying and at the same time being down to earth…

Yeah, this is the goal: let my imagination fly, and be down to earth, such a mixture of desires and realities, looking for the best way to join both.