2009 teas summary

By | 2010-02-23

Let’s list all the teas that I have steeped during 2009…

Ceylon with vanilla. Sri Lanka.
Ceylon without caffeine. Sri Lanka.
Darjeeling Margaret’s Hope. India.

– Taiwan Oolong (no name, was a gift). Taiwan.
Pouchong. Taiwan.
Tie Guan Jin. China.
Dong Ding. Taiwan.

Long Ching. China.
Gunpowder for Moorish tea. China. Alone and with mint.
Sencha with apple. Japan.
Sencha with Japanese lime. Japan.

Pai Mu Tan. China.
– Dragon buds. China.

– Imperial Pu-erth. China.

– “Mint Splash” (berries, lemon, mint, citronella, chamomile…). Spain.

Pouchong Tea If I have to choose only one, perhaps Long Ching (strong “green” fragance) could be a good choice. It’s the best green I’ve ever tasted. But the thing is that I’m in love with oolongs, so I need some Tie Guan Jin (delicate aroma) and perhaps some Pouchong (acid fragrance) for hard days.

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2 thoughts on “2009 teas summary

  1. Maria Diez

    Me han regalado un té alpino Oolong Formosa (de Taiwán) ¡FANTASTICO! ¡No sabía que fueras tan adicto! Miguel Murat me dijo que te gustaban pero no sabía que tanto ¿Has probado el Gyokuro japonés?

  2. Julio Post author

    Wow, ya me lo dejarás probar 😉 Los Oolong son mis favoritos!

    Y no, no he probado el Gyokuro… he leído algo y tiene buena pinta… lo apunto a la lista.

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