The most outstanding fireworks, again

By | 2007-08-18

I can never miss the “Nit de l’Albà” at Elche’s festivals.
Every year I promise myself to come again.
It’s worth it!

Last year I had an idea: “next year I’ll record some videos to show it to everybody”. Last year I wrote a long description about the fireworks. This year I can offer you something far better, THE VIDEO!

This video was recorded outside the city, on a new bridge over Vinalopó river. This position helps you to get a better overall view. As you can observe in the video, there are fireworks all around. All the locals start to fire rockets, starting at 10pm. But the real party starts at 11:15pm, when the city council starts to fire a bigger magnitude of fireworks, until 12pm. The intensity of fireworks recorded in the video lasts for one hour!

No word can describe the dimension of those moments. No video, either. If you can, see it by yourself!