My Go rank in a button!

By | 2006-07-01

Yesterday I was at the Chinese Restaurant where all Go players meet every weekend. I played some interesting games with Edu (1 kyu) and César (4 dan). But the most interesting thing happened when Joan arrived. He, who is one of the most active members of the Gofme Go Club, asked me about my Go rank. “I’m 6 kyu, stepping to 5 kyu”, I replied. And suddenly he showed me a nice button with my rank written on it!
6 kyu button Next he showed us a collection of buttons he made, with ranks from 20 kyu to 5 dan. And, of course, everybody asked him for one. He said they were worth 50cent, but when I tried to pay him, he added “it’s free for you”. Why? “Because it’s one of your photos from our last tournament”, he said. It’s true!! Great!!

I usually publish all my photos with a Creative Commons license. So people can use my photos freely. And it’s the first time I’ve noticed somebody use one of my photos… to make a nice button. I’m so happy!!