Mexico DF: a love hate

By | 2011-10-02

Side saucesSometimes you can feel both love and hate for something. It happens to me with Mexico DF. I’m again in this crazy city, exactly 2 years later of my first stay.

This city is really noisy. The perfect definition of chaos. Traffic lights are considered only a suggestion. And the air can’t be called “air” at all. This air is so so polluted: just imagine a city with 20 million people, 50 Km wide, with cars everywhere, and only a big park. A city at 2600m above the sea level (that is, less air density), in a closed valley, where it almost never rains (so there is no way to clean the dry air). You really have problems breathing. In my first stay my nose even bled. And you can barely see plants on the balconies.

On the other hand, the food is good and cheap. If you don’t care missing fish, however. But after some days eating tacos and quesadillas, you will stop eating in the street places, and look for a decent restaurant. Also, people are really friendly. Always trying to smile and joke.

So, somehow this contrast, crazy city but friendly people, forces me to look with different eyes. If people can be happy in this disaster of city, it should be not that disaster, but just “different”. If you start looking at the city with different eyes, with a curious innocence, you will start seeing beautiful things all around. Breaking concepts in your mind. Making your vision of things more flexible.