Bike stolen, again

By | 2008-05-21

It’s incredible, but my bike was stolen today. Incredible because it was next to the main entrance of the University, in the center of the city, and was stolen at 14:00. How can anybody cut an iron cable, untie it and get the bike without being noticed by anybody? Next to the main entrance of a big building! This says a lot about our society… everybody only looks at his bell ring.

Luckily when I bought it, last year, I chose the cheapest bike (59€) in the shop… I was smart enough to oversee the final result. Actually I bought it because my previous bike was stolen, also (at night, on the street). And luckily my ex-flatmate Alberto left his old bike at home, so I can use it.


2 thoughts on “Bike stolen, again

  1. JJC

    Sorry to hear that! I hope you can get on ok with Alberto’s bike in the meantime…

  2. Rubén

    Wow, amazing. I was probably there around 14, but far from the bicycle parking… Hope you can get with Alberto’s bike!

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