Weekly senses exercise

By | 2009-04-27

Reading a so so article about brain improvement and the excellent book “The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat“, I mixed up some ideas, until arrived to this one: try to focus on only one sense each day of the week. Of course you always have all senses in “active” mode, but the idea is to spend some minutes feeling “twice” with one of them, noticing the details it gives you: patterns, contrasts, sensations, etc.

Mon – Propioception
Tue – Touch
Wed – Balance
Thu – Vision
Fri – Smell
Sat – Taste
Sun – Hearing

Isn’t this a good idea?

One thought on “Weekly senses exercise

  1. Rubén

    What about trying to sense diferent “usual” sensed things? Like hearing (or even smelling! but I guess a lot of people do it… but probably a lot don’t…) an apple?

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