I fell in love with my new flatmate

By | 2009-01-16

When I moved to my new apartment I decided to live alone, but sometimes it’s a bit boring. However I didn’t expect to create a space for her, until I met her some days ago while shopping. And now I have a new reason to live!

She is Spaniard, from Salamanca. She is dancer, with strong legs. She has an exquisite taste. She is tender and hard at the same time. There is real content inside of her beautiful body. And she has a happy salty mood. She is so pretty, that sometimes I can’t keep my eyes out of her. I run to the kitchen and when I see her my mouth starts to salivate. Her image is always bouncing in my brain… isn’t that love? Unluckily she will stay here for one month, maybe two months… a pity. I love touching her, smelling her, tasting her all the time, non-stop.

I’ve just taken a picture. But you have to be Spaniard to understand me. Isn’t she hot?

7 thoughts on “I fell in love with my new flatmate

  1. Bertu

    Julio is now in a relationship…!

    She’s is a hot girl…

  2. Julio Post author

    Well, she is a bit piggy… actually quite a lot piggy, he he.

  3. Ruben

    Well… Nice taste Julio, but how come she is a dancer?? And… well, hmmm nothing else 🙂

  4. PERÄ°SA

    hi i am a stranger on this site i just have a look but i had grat time by the writings,photos but especially the sense of humour and great energy of you..just wanna say..:)

  5. gorilas

    ¡Qué susto me habías dado! Ya te veía enamorado de una jovencita estudiante compañera de piso.

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