Report #4 from Costa Rica

By | 2008-03-23

I took a airplane from San José to Palmar, then a car to Sierpe, and then a boat to Drake Bay (near Corcovado natural park)
… and then I arrived to the Paradise. I mean, the real paradise.

We had some heavy rain while in the boat, and the captain said “welcome to the rainforest”. When we jumped out the boat directly to the beach (no piers around), a couple of “lapas” (the local name for scarlet macaws) where flying over us. Those were some of the thousand of animals we were going to see. From thousand of colorful fishes, to a big tapir. From hermit crabs to dolphins. From hummingbirds to congo monkeys (which roar like lions). Animals everywhere!

“The most biologically intense place in the Earth”, guides say. That’s honestly true!

Of course there are some problems in the paradise: mosquitoes and other insects are really working hard to bite you. It doesn’t matter how strong is your anti-mosquitoes spray, they really succeed! I even discovered some ticks on my legs, ouch. And the guide told me about a fly that inserts a worm under your skin… scaring. Moreover the weather is hot, really sticky hot. The sun burned my back the first day, while snorkeling, as well. And finally, no electricity (well, just 2 hours per day), no mobile connection, cold water showers… but some local people had Internet satellite connection at home. I told you, a real paradise. I could live there and work as freelance web developer, hehe.

I saw animals, I rented a boat to travel on a river (with the perfect temperature for swimming), I read “the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy”, and I enjoyed the jungle enormously.

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  1. Ruben

    Futurama reference needed 🙂 A cuddly baby tapir!

    Moreover, HHGG is a really good and fun book… but read all five of them! (Well… you can skip the fifth)

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