The 28 hours day

By | 2007-09-24

The first time I heard about a “28 hour day“, I thought it was just a joke. The thing is that I didn’t realize the fact: 28hours x 6days = 24hours x 7days… until I saw this morning this comic at
A example schedule The basic idea is to be awake 20 hours, and then sleep 8 hours, ignoring the sun-night pattern (which rules our lives). Sometimes you have breakfast at night, sometimes at midday, sometimes at sunset, etc. And every week (a 6 day week) you repeat the pattern. You can work 4 days, and enjoy a longer weekend (2 days of 28 hours)… not a bad idea.

I’ve found some pages with pros and cons. In brief, you can have longer days, if you can cheat your internal bio-rhythms. The real problem is that you can’t ignore you are in a society, ruled with the standard 24 hours sun-night pattern.

I don’t think I’ll be able to ignore my bio-rhythms, but next month I may try so. I decided to quit from my company (due to “tech incompatibilites”), so I will have a lot of free time: the perfect moment to try this method, even I’m sure a normal person can’t live in this way.

It’s a shame that we can’t usually try all these ideas, that disrupt the standards of our society. This reminds me of “the perfect calendar” (I wrote about it in a previous post). Or the idea (from my grandfather) about stop using a 10-based numerical system and use instead a 12-base system, which has better properties… and it has nothing to do with our 10 fingers (actually we under-use them, because we can count until 1023 with 10 fingers and 2 positions for every finger). Maybe we need more world crisis, to adopt new ideas (this happened with the daylight saving time a century ago).

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