Trying to discover a tune’s name

By | 2007-05-25

Sometimes a melody starts to sing inside your head, and you have no idea where it is from. Maybe from a TV series, maybe from a stupid summer song… How can you find out the name of that tune? Ta-ra-ta-ti-taaa-taaa, ta-ra-ta-ti-taaaaa…

This week at the office everybody’ve been whistling a melody without knowing where it was from. So I decided to look for its name. I remembered from my PhD lessons that there was a website for music retrieval, where you write the notes and it returns a list of possible songs. But that website was as difficult to find as the name of the song. Finally we discovered 2 options for musical retrieval:

· Musipedia: with 4 different input modes (from writing notes to singing), but mostly focused in classical music.
· SongTapper: where you can tap the rhythm of the song, and get some results.

Finally the searched song was Hawaii 5-0 Intro, a really weird result, because nobody at the office have seen that series!

One thought on “Trying to discover a tune’s name

  1. Rubén

    My girlfriend gets mad at me when in some restaurant I start looking up and listen to the song they are playing (usually it’s M80, or some other ‘almost just music’ radio station) wait 30 seconds and say “Hey, they’re playing XXXXXXXX!”. She says I don’t listen to her, but I do… I just can listen both things 😀

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