Lemons for tea

By | 2007-03-22

LemonIn my parents’ garden there are two lemon trees. One of them produces an incredible quantity of lemons, big and soft. But the other one gives less lemons, and they have a really thick skin, therefore are not really useful… at least this is just what my grandfather says every time that he sees the tree.

But now they are useful, for me. I discovered that kind of lemons is perfect for tea. A slice within the teapot gives a delicate add-on to the tea, without giving a bitter taste. Probably due to their thick skin.

All things can be useful… you only need to discover their correct use.

One thought on “Lemons for tea

  1. Nancy Larrosa

    What a wonderful insight!!!
    I do believe you and I are going to get along beautifully cousin


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