Bigger wall anchors are not always better

By | 2007-02-24

A new bookshelfSince the beginning of the year, the population of books at home has increased enormously. I’ve decided to read more technical books, therefore I need more space for them. A new bookshelf, for example.

This morning I tried to put up a bookshelf in the living-room, but firstly I discovered that the wall was too thin (less than 3 inches). So I had to be careful, and for some reason I decided to use thick and short wall anchors. Some seconds after the installation, the bookshelf fell down!

Those wall anchors didn’t hold with enough strength, because the fact of being thick gives them the uncertain possibility of movement. Then I stopped and started to think in the opposite way… maybe some thin, really thin wall anchors could be better, because a better length/width ratio helps to avoid movement. I reinstalled it with smaller but smarter anchors, and the result was much better! Just curious.

One thought on “Bigger wall anchors are not always better

  1. jualmar

    No se pueden/deben matar moscas a cañonazos, lo pequeño, bien colocado y en cantidades adecuadas es lo mejor, si falla uno los demas aguantan, la unión hace la fuerza.
    Toma casi dos refranes en un plis.

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