10,000 songs in 10 months

By | 2006-07-12

Today I have just broken the 10 thousand songs “barrier” in Last.fm! I don’t know anybody who has done it.

Last.fm is a website (web 2.0 style) which records the name of every song you play in your computer (you should install a plugin to do this). With this information they made charts, and calculate “neighbours” (people with similar musical taste). Also they offer “radio stations” of different origins: type of music, neighbours and fans of a particular group.

I signed up last year, and since then, I’m really happy with this service. They helped me to find new interesting music; in fact, most of the music I’m listening to, today, were discovered surfing this website: Röyksopp, Death Cab for Cutie, The Postal Service, Boards of Canada, Lambchop, Tindersticks…

Even more… they help you to put information, about the music you are listening to, in your website. Here it is my recent listened to tracks list.