Zürich, 1st city of the world

By | 2006-05-31

Zürich flagWhen I arrived at Zürich I was expecting an interesting city, because several times I read in some newspapers that it is the 1st city in life quality. The city was nice, but it didn’t surprise me. I didn’t know why they say it is the best city in the world.

I came back to Barcelona, and suddenly I realized it. Barcelona has lots of problems with the urban trains, there are too many people walking fast, lots of cars and noise… it’s not like that in Zürich! No stress, no traffic problems. That city had no special thing, but the key of the issue is that it hasn’t any problems. In fact it seems a small town from the countryside. I felt it this way, like a calm place. A mix between the best stuff of the cities (big companies, theaters, university) and the best things of the towns (calm ambience, feels secure, next to nature). Maybe the big cities should be smaller, like Zürich, with only a population of 360,000. Why are cities so stressfull? They could be different, like Zürich.