Keep your freezer without air!

By | 2009-02-11

Freezer Why am I keeping this amount of bottles in my freezer?

Freezer (and fridge) are designed to keep the inside content cool. But it’s funny to realize that most of the content is air. Each time you open the freezer you force to move the inside air with the outside… and the inside temperature rises. How can we avoid it? Keeping a lot of things, in order to minimize the air’s volume. This way the freezer doesn’t “complain” (activates the compressor of the freezing gas) every time the door is opened (even for taking pictures). I’ve chosen water bottles because it’s quite easy item to get at home, but if you can get some concrete blocks or solid bricks, you’ll get an even better result.

With some energy-saving bulbs, this idea and some more ideas, my electricity bill is only 13€ per month.

Idea developed from: 100 ways to reduce your impact (some good and some slack) and “Proper Education” video clip (a remix of Eric Prydz of the classic “We don’t need no education” by Pink Floyd).

2 thoughts on “Keep your freezer without air!

  1. Ruben

    Wow… But I read somewhere that for the best freezing levels, fridges should have some space between things (unlike freezers). We have glass-ceramic, so our bill rises quite a bit. Also, some of our bulbs are not yet e-s, as they were already in place when we moved. Btw, now I see it… your trackback-RSS phrase is in spanish!

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