Report #2 from Costa Rica

By | 2008-03-15

Today we took a boat to move along the rivers and channels of Tortuguero national park. We saw a lot of different birds, monkeys, some alligators (really close to the boat… I mean 1 meter) and some undefined animals (I can hardly remember all those names). Of course, I took pictures non-stop. All the tones of green were being pictured as well.

I went walking down the beach, 45 minutes, to arrive to this curious Internet access point. Between the hotel and here, just jungle… endless jungle. But the real reason to come to use Internet is not my net-addiction… the reason is that one of my programmed trips for the next week (Easter) was canceled, so I’m looking for alternatives. I hope I’ll be able to take a small aircraft to arrive to Corcovado, the original canceled trip destination, and stay there in another “hotel”.

Meanwhile I’ll relax sleeping on an “hamaca”, listening to the bird’s singing and the hits of the ocean’s waves.