The last week of winter

By | 2008-03-06

This is (hopefully) the last week of “my” winter. Next week I’ll be in Costa Rica, taking pictures jerkily to all those details of the green jungle. And when I’ll come back to the Mediterranean, 2 weeks later, the Sun will have done its homework.

It would be nice to live 6 months in a warm place, during winter, and the other 6 months in a cold place, during summer, wouldn’t it? Something like winter in Malta and summer in London. Any company can offer me a job with this flexibility? I’ll sign it, even for the legal-minimum salary.

2 thoughts on “The last week of winter

  1. Alberto

    If it’s because of the weather, London is too rainy, even in August.

    Anyways, I’ve been told they do nice mathematics up there ;).

  2. Ruben

    They do Alberto, but the weather is terrible… I was in Warwick (near Coventry) last year and had terrible luck, a great storm cut some roads these days. Always raining… and later sunny, really hot. Terrible! Julio, you speak like and old man with rheuma, or like some kind of migratory bird 🙂

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