Is our calendar the best calendar? (2 of 2)

By | 2007-04-10

If you have read the previous post (an introduction for what a calendar is), you might’ve thought our current calendar is good enough. Maybe. It’s quite good adjusting our year to the real Earth-Sun revolution. But it’s a bad tool, in usability terms.

Let me show you a couple of examples…
– On which day of the week were you born? Tuesday maybe? There is no easy rule to solve this.
– Why do we have to get a new calendar (paper) every new year? It’s stupid (except if you buy paper calendars due to the girls pictures).

The problem is the day of the week displacement.

Can you imagine the waste of time (and paper) this problem makes? It’s probably bigger (in economical terms) than the save of energy from the daylight saving time.

I found at the end of the article (commented in the previous post) a possible alternative… “the Mundial Calendar”. Mundial Calendar
Here it is.

This could be our new calendar… forever.

All years could have the same calendar, just the same! A single date always have the same day of week. Even it could be memorised at school, like multiply tables. Perfect weeks and perfect quarters (all with an exact number of 91 days).

The idea is to have 4 months with 31 days, and the rest with 30 days. This sums 364 days. For reaching the usual number of days (365), we introduce “the day of the year“, a holiday inserted at the end of every year, without an assigned day of week. And for the leap year (i.e. the old 29th of February), a “leap day” could be inserted (using the classical rule) between some Summer months (for less disruption of business), also without an assigned day of week.

Maybe the catholic church is not going to be happy with this, but it could be an incredible improvement for mankind. Anyway, the catholic church is not as strong as one millenium ago, or 5 centuries ago (when they decided to kill every single person who says “Sun is the center of our system”).

What do you think? I think it’s a wise option not to leave ignored.

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