The eye can be tricked: counting ball passes

By | 2007-04-08

Scared eye This evening I was speaking with my cousin, and one of her comments reminded me of an interesting video about visual perception, that I saw sometime ago. It was hard to find again, but finally here it is…

The TASK: Look at the video, there are some people playing with basket balls… you must COUNT all the passes they do.

The video (it takes a while to load)

After this, come back here, and open the first comment, to see if you are good at counting.

One thought on “The eye can be tricked: counting ball passes

  1. Julio Post author

    28? 30? It doesn’t matter.

    The thing is that most of the people didn’t see the gorilla if they are busy counting the passes. Have you seen it? Try to watch the video again. It’s surprising!

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