Sometimes “random” is the best choice

By | 2006-10-30

…as nature does. Create something from random numbers.

Here are a couple of examples, from a Sunday morning programming session (plus 1 extra hour from the daylight savings change):

Random bubbles
Random trees

Each time you reload the page, a new drawing appears.
To see them correctly, you need Firefox or Opera, because the images are SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics).

Have fun!

2 thoughts on “Sometimes “random” is the best choice

  1. ana

    Cool stuff!

    I am always looking for new cool wallpaper to update my desktop with, so here is my request: could you make some of this into an image that could be used as wallpaper (i.e. png or jpg or gif)? If possible, it would be cool if you can produce it too in high-res, for a wide-dual-screen setup. 🙂 And while you are at it, I’d like something with dark-ish colors, possibly in the blue of purple gamma. :: grin ::

  2. Julio Post author

    Here are some very high res PNG:

    Wide-dual-screen bubbles (3840×1280):
    Bubbles 1
    Bubbles 2
    Bubbles 3

    And some trees (not really huge res, 2000×1100);
    Tree 1
    Tree 2

    Feel fre to crop, darken, etc these images.

    Now I’m working on a curve version of the tree algorythm, with a more natural behaviour. Bezier will help us!

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