Discovering potatoes on my own balcony

By | 2006-10-05

Weeds on my balcony?Some weeks ago it was quite rainy in Barcelona. We had some continuous rain, and it’s a bit strange. On my balcony something green started to grow in a small rectangular pot that we have there. I thought they were only some mint plants, but when I tried to smell their leaves, I discovered they smelt of nothing. “Hmmmm… weeds”, I concluded.

Today I’ve decided to remove them… and when I grabed the first of them and pulled it out… what a surprise!!
Discovering potatoesA big potato (like 4 fingers wide) and lots of small potatoes. I’ve never thought I’d have my own potato harvest (inside a city with 3 million habs). Amazing!

I’m thinking about building a big pot, made with wood… to grow more potatoes. I want more 🙂

If only we could develop things as nature does!