Weekend DIY

By | 2006-09-10

This weekend is longer, due to the national day of Catalonia festivity. I wanted to compose some music, but I had an ergonomic problem: one of my synthesizers was in an uncomfortable place. This was an excellent excuse to some DIY!

Shelf for my synth-module (DIY step 1)Step 1: The ingredients
I bought some handles and some “L” supports from Carrefour, and I had a walk in the neighbourhood to find a good piece of wood. I used a tape measure, a pencil, a drill and a screwdriver to make the holes and spin the screws.

Shelf for my synth-module (DIY step 2)Step 2: The cooking
Firstly, I discovered that the 2 “L” weren’t strong enough to hold the weight (the shelf folded down). So I had to buy a “capital L”, and put it in the center. With this extra, it has no problem supporting the synth’s weight.

SynthesizersThe final result
As you can see, now I have everything at hand. Time to make some noises!!

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