Holidays off

By | 2006-08-20

I came back to Barcelona. Holiday time was over. Again to work, to take the metro, to cross among dozens of people in the street. When I arrived I felt like empty, but in a few hours Barcelona filled me with this magic it has.

To start with, I had 3 laundries, lots of housework, a web almost finished and some meetings with friends. I spent some days doing this, and now I’m pretty free. Maybe today I can start with one of the “projects” I have in my list, from learning how to use programs (Inkscape, Gimp, Blender) to learning new programming languages (Python, Ruby).

Chair repaired and blue paintedYesterday I was cleaning my room when I looked at an old chair I have, and I thought it needs some restoration. So I started to improve its stability, holding the legs with new long screws. Later I painted the legs in blue, so the result is quite curious, as you can see in the picture. The blue paint adds more visual force to the legs, in a way that they are brighter than the rest of the parts. Funny!