A bad day

By | 2006-06-29

Yesterday was one of those days where it’s better to not wake up. Maybe the whole week was bad!

At the office the bosses were complaining about everything (from timetable to holidays to our time to have lunch) . They are making a lot of changes, and it seems this company is not going to have a nice and friendly ambience anymore. They are growing and maybe they want to be more productive, but it’s a wrong idea to tell the workers to work hard and more hours (and of course to make them angry). It’s not the way to obtain the best from the workers.

At home the washing machine pass away. Yesterday the main cilinder went out of axis and a big oil stain appeared on the ground. So I have to look for another one.

I’m fed up this week. I want to stop the train and jump out on to the grass. Where is the stop-handle?